Copper Foil-Polyethylene Laminate Termite Barrier

Polyethylene barrier wraps have been used to slow the depletion and out-migration of oil-borne wood preservatives from utility poles into the soil substrate where they are embedded. Laboratory research at the University of Hawaii has demonstrated copper foil laminate to polyethylene is an effective barrier to termites. Untreated posts wrapped in copper foil/polyethylene laminate barrier were placed in a field study at the New Orleans Lower Coast Algiers test site in August 2013. Some of the copper foil/polyethylene laminate was manufactured into a butyl-mastic repair tape. Feeder stakes running the entire length of the posts were placed directly against the tape seams to facilitate termite pressure on the butyl-mastic adhesive. After two years, extensive activity from native and Formosan subterranean termites was present but there was no observation of any termite grazing or damage to either the repair tape or the barrier wraps.

Edward Freytag
Timothy Madere

New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board
New Orleans, Louisiana

William Abbott
Copper Care Wood Preservatives, Inc.
Columbus, Nebraska

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