Innovative Economical Effective Wood Preservation.

Since our founding Copper Care has always believed in creating innovative, effective biocides to provide optimum protection with minimum risk to human health and the environment. Today we are a global market leader in wood preservation technology. With more than a quarter century of experience developing and producing lower toxicity products with better efficacy combating microbials such as bacteria and fungi, Copper Care is uniquely positioned to bring new, innovative economical, and effective products to market which will protect our families, friends and customers in their homes, businesses, and lives.

Tenino Copper Naphthenate

Tenino Copper Naphthenate®

Ready-to-use, copper naphthenate solution containing 2% metallic copper by volume in a low VOC formulation. Meets the AWPA M-4 Standard for end-cuts to satisfy ICC Building Codes.

Cu-Bor remedial wood preservation paste


The original low toxicity copper, borate paste for the remedial below grade treatment of in-situ wooden utility poles. After three decades Cu-Bor remains the industry leader both in efficacy and economy.



Super-Fume is the original granular dazomet pole fumigant. Offering significant reductions in waste, application efficiency, and reduce accidental spill clean-up time and cost. The first granular fumigant to be offered in easy-to-use, water soluble, pre-measured dosing.

Cu-Nap Concentrate

Cu-Nap Concentrate

Copper naphthenate in an 8% concentrate, for large-scale commercial use by licensed commercial applicators. Timber products treated with Cu-Nap have an anticipated life expectancy equivalent to creosote, with significantly lower environmental and human health risks.

Cu-Lam Barriers

Cu-Lam Barriers

Economical copper protection for environmentally sensitive areas from preservative leach and pole protection from wildfire in remote areas with Cu-Lam Barrier Wraps and Cu-Lam Fire Barriers. Protection designed to last in the world's toughest environments, with a minimum of time and effort, by experienced linemen.

Copper Care Wood Preservatives, Inc. products make wood last longer.

Complete Line of Wood Preservatives ...

Copper Care is always researching and developing lower cost, lower toxicity, more effective ways to make wood exposed to the elements or in ground contact last longer. For more information and Copper Care Wood Preservatives, Inc.'s full line of wood preservative products and how they can protect your critical wood infrastructure.