Innovative Economical Effective Superior Wood Preservation

Copper Care Wood Preservatives, Inc. is a pioneer and industry leader in wood preservation technology offering high-performance copper and borate-based biocides. For over twenty-five years, Copper Care has been the industry leader developing and bringing to market economically sensible wood preservatives with greater efficacy, lower toxicity, and reduced environmental impact compared to traditional wood preservatives such as chromated arsenicals, creosotes and pentachlorophenols. Our wide product line of wood preservatives and systems offer protection from decay, fungi, bacteria and insects for a wide spectrum of applications, including remedial end-cuts and below grade treatments, pole fumigants, and below grade barrier and fire protection wraps. Today, Copper Care Wood Preservatives continues their mission to provide innovative, economical and effective solutions for wood protection with minimum risk to human health and the environment.

Tenino Copper Naphthenate

Tenino Copper Naphthenate®

Ready-to-use copper naphthenate (2% copper metal)

Cu-Bor remedial wood preservation paste


Below grade remedial copper borate paste for application below grade



Granular, easy-to-use, water soluble, pre-measured pole fumigant

Cu-Lam Barriers

Cu-Lam Barriers

Protect sensitive areas from preservative leaching