Antimicrobial CopperKill 99.9% of Bacteria
Kill 99.9% Of
 Works Without Bleaches
 Or Perfumes & Dyes

on surfaces within two hours

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Tenino 2% copper naphthenateTenino Copper NaphthenateTenino 2% copper naphthenate

End cut treatment

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Our Vision

Since our founding Copper Care has always believed in creating innovative, effective biocides to provide optimum protection with minimum risk to human health and the enviroment. Today we are a global market leader in wood preservation technology. With more than a quarter century of experience developing and producing lower toxicity products with better efficacy combating microbials such as bacteria and fungi, Copper Care is uniquely positioned to bring new, innovative and effective products to market which will protect our families, friends and customers in their homes, businesses and lives.

Ready-to-Use Tenino Copper Naphthenate (2% metallic copper) and Cu-Nap 8% concentrate can both be used to satisfy AWPA's M4 Standard for field treating end-cuts of pressure treated lumber. Tenino Copper Naphthenate in pint and gallon packaging is readily available at local lumberyards, hardware stores and Cu-Nap 8% concentrate is a cost effective solution for bulk treaters and comes packaged in 5 gallon, 55 gallon and bulk truckload. To purchase Cu-Nap 8% concentrate contact us for a consultation (to provide customers with the highest quality service low volume purchasers will be forwarded to a distributor based on industry and geographic region).

Copper Care offers a full line of remedial preservative products specifically crafted and designed for the utilities industry to protect their wood outside plant infastructure.

Our Utility Product Line Includes

  • Cu-Bor
  • Tenino
  • Cu-Nap
  • Super-Fume
  • Cu-Lam Barrier Wraps
  • Cu-Lam Fire Guards

To better serve these our customers Osmose Utility Services is Copper Care's exclusive distributor to the utilities services industry in the United States and Canada.

When cleaned regularly, Antimicrobial Coppers are metallic touch surface materials registered U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) to continuosly kill more than 99.9% of bacteria* that cause health care associated infections within two hours of contact.

Science supporting the EPA registration has proven Antimicrobial Copper to be a highly effective* touch surface material. Some characteristics that make Antimicrobial Copper highly effective:

Continuously kill bacteria

Easy to use

Never wears out

No harsh chemical fumes