Cu-Nap Concentrate

Cu-Nap Concentrate is a liquid Copper Naphthenate concentrate containing 8% copper as metal by volume. Cu-Nap Concentrate is a cost-effective bulk solution for large volume, commercial applicators.

Cu-Nap Concentrate

is a General Use Pesticide labeled for the treatment of posts, poles, lumber, siding, boxes, roof shakes and shingles, fence pickets, landscape timbers, cellulose textiles, and cordage. Approved application methods include pressure treatment, brush, and dip. Cu-Nap Concentrate enjoys wide usage as a dip treatment for fence posts using a 24-hour soak.

Cu-Nap Concentrate is a preferred pressure treatment with estimate longevity equivalency to creosotes and pentachlorophenols



Cu-Nap Concentrate


Provides protection from Termites!

Formosa Subterranean Termite Protection
Tenino Copper Naphthenate protects against insects including Formosa Subterranean Termites Lightbox

Copper metal is both repellent and toxic to termites. The University of Hawaii has found Copper Naphthenate in wood at loadings of 1.5 lbs. per cubic foot is resistant to Formosan Termite attack and degradation. Cu-Nap Concentrate will successfully protect against termites when the minimum loadings and sufficient penetration are achieved. Cu-Nap Concentrate is a top choice for pressure-treating lumber intended for ground contact use in aggressive hazard class environments envisioned in AWPA Use Category 4, 4B,4C.


Efficacy Cu-Nap Concentrate

Copper Naphthenate's low mammalian toxicity and EPA Registration as a General-use Pesticide make it a preferred choice over traditional oil-borne preservatives like pentachlorophenol and creosote. Copper Naphthenate has been used as a wood preservative for over one-hundred years. An USDA Forest Product Laboratories study ongoing for over fifty years, has established an estimated service life for utility poles pressure treated with copper naphthenates, such as Cu-Nap Concentrate exceeds 60 years. This estimated service life expectancy is equitable to the performance of poles pressure treated with creosotes. Copper Naphthenate's inclusion in the AWPA preservative standards is assurance Copper Naphthenate is an effective wood preservative you can count on to perform.

Reveals Natural Wood Grain

The bright green coloration of wood freshly treated with copper naphthenate will fade to a brown copper tone with exposure to the elements outdoors. Use the slider to see how the color of Cu-Nap Concentrate changed on these Cedar Shingles after three months.


Code Compliance

Cu-Nap Concentrate may be used to satisfy*
  • AWPA Standard M4
  • IRC R317.1.1
  • IBC 2303.1.9

The appropriateness of the preservation system for field treatment shall be determined by the type of preservative originally used to protect the product and the availability of a field treatment preservative. Because many preservative products are not packaged and labeled for use by the general public, a system different from the original treatment may need to be utilized for field treatment. Users shall carefully read and follow the instructions and precautions listed on the product label when using these materials Copper Naphthenate preservatives containing a minimum of 2.0% copper metal are recommended for material originally treated with copper naphthenate, pentachlorophenol, creosote, creosote solution or waterborne preservatives. Use of copper naphthenate preservatives with a minimum of 1.0% copper metal is appropriate in those regions of the country where the higher concentration material is not readily available.

AWPA M4 Standard Section 7
*when diluted to a 2% metallic copper solution (refer to dilution chart)

Dilution Rates when mixing with #2 Fuel Oils

Cu-Nap Concentrate Dilution tables using #2 fuel oil
(Gallons of oil per 1 gallon of Cu-Nap Concentrate)

Non-Corrosive to Hardware and Fasteners

In corrosion studies Copper Naphthenate demonstrated no excessive corrosion of hardware and fasteners due to contact with the preservative.