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William Abbott

President of Copper Care

William Abbott is the President of Copper Care Wood Preservatives, Inc. since he founded the company in 1991. Driven by his vision for bringing wood preservatives with better efficacy, lower toxicities, and more economical; Copper Care has becoming an international industry leader.

William was also the founder and Owner of Pole Maintenance Company, LLC from 1984 until it's sale to Osmose Utility Services in 2010.

William graduated from Union College in Lincoln, NE in 1983 with Bachelors degrees in History and Theology. He holds an active Nebraska Applicators License from the State of Nebraska in wood preservation, and holds memberships in numerous industry groups including: American Wood Protection Association, IRG - International Group on Wood Protection, Utility Pole Research Cooperative - Oregon State University, Forest Products Society, Canadian Wood Preservation Association, and Aromatic Cedar Association. He has publish and co-authored multiple industry papers, and holds multiple industry related patents.