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Cu-Lam Fire Guards

Cu-Lam Fire Barrier is a heavy-duty copper polyethylene laminate designed to protect all species and treatments of wood utility poles from fire damage. The Cu-Lam Fire Barrier is a wrap which provides excellent flame resistance and can withstand years of outdoor weathering.

Cu-Lam Fire Barriers are cost-effective reducing the cost for annual brush control and pole repairs. Because our product is a wrap there is never any associated mess requiring cleanup during or after installation, or during transit.

Barrier wraps are impermeable membranes that are placed over the butt end of wood poles just prior to installation. Barrier wraps offer additional protection to treated wood from decay, insect attack, and preservative strength loss over time. They also protect the surrounding environment from chemical leaching.

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Copper Care Wood Preservatives' Cu-Lam Fire Barrier protects utility poles during grass and brush fires. The copper foil's melting point of almost 2000° F creates a durable oxygen barrier inhibiting ignition and preventing after-glow.