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Cu-Bor is a Copper/Boron wood preservative, used to treat the groundline area of standing wood structures such as utility poles. The highly effective active ingredients in Cu-Bor travel deep into the wood by diffusion (osmotic action). Cu-Bor's labeled uses include:

  • Brush-on
  • Spray
  • Dip/Diffusion
  • Pressure Treating

Cu-Bor is also a furnish treatment in engineered wood products and a railroad tie treatment. Cu-Bor is available in bulk and ready-to-use packaging.

Proven Performance

Hilo, Hawaii stake tests results demonstrate Cu-Bor has superior protection against fungal decay, rot and termites

A ten year stake test in Hilo, HI proves that our proprietary formula protects wood against fungal decay and termite attack, even in hostile environments.

Remedial Treatment

The principal cause of pole failure is decay, and the most common area for decay to occur is that portion of the pole from approximately 2 inches above groundline to approximately 18 inches below. The most accurate pole inspection method is to excavate this groundline area. For a marginal cost pole-owners can extend the service life of their poles by applying Cu-Bor externally and wrapping it with a moisture barrier before the excavation is closed.

″Wood, however, is a biological commodity that can undergo deterioration by insects, decay fungi, termites, and mechanical destruction. In many ways wood poles, can outlast materials constructed of synthetic materials like concrete, fiberglass, steel and aluminum if well maintained and cared for in a consistent and timely manner.″

Mike H. Freeman, Remedial Treatment: Economic Benefits, Justification, and Auditing Techniques

Cu-Bor Brush-on Paste

Cu-Bor is available in 5 gallon recyclable pails

Cu-Bor formulated as a brush-on paste protects wood in below ground installations like utility poles against decay. Easy to use it goes on fast and adheres to wood for minimal product waste.

Cu-Bor Ready-to-Use Pouches

Cu-Bor Pouches installed in a southern-pine utility pole below groundline

Cu-Bor pouches are quickly and easily applied with no waste when used in accordance with labeled directions. Our highly effective bandage design provides protection for wood against decay at the critical groundline area. The impermeable poly backing reduces non-target leaching and increases deep wood penetration.

Recommended Uses

Cu-Bor liquid formulation in One Gallon container

Responsive To Today's Environment

Cu-Bor has two active ingredients: copper hydroxide and sodium tetra borate decahydrate (Borax). The Copper and Boron in these two molecules have very low mammalian toxicity. Accidental or inadvertent worker exposure is unlikely to cause serious or irreversible injury. Cu-Bor is registered by United States Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide against wood destroying insects and decay fungi. Cu-Bor exhibits volatile organic compound (VOC) content at less than one-sixth the limits defined by South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for the wood preservative category of SCAQMD Rule 1113.Cu-Bor is fully compliant with all EPA and SCAQMD requirements.